Student Tutoring Services Application

Please note that the following restrictions apply to all potential tutors:
  • Must be at least a sophomore in good standing
  • Must have completed course(s) at Bradley with an A or B, have advanced placement credit or have discussed this with the Center for Learning Assistance Staff. (Students who have taken courses at BRADLEY will have first priority in the hiring process.)
  • Must have an overall grade point average of at least 2.75.
  • Must attend two tutor training meetings each semester.
  • Must have an active BRADLEY e-mail account.
  • Local phone numbers are preferred

All fields highlighted in red must be completed before submitting the form.

Applicant Information

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Do you receive Work-Study? Yes, amount per year:
Why do you want to tutor?
What are your qualifications and experiences for tutoring?
List some possible advantages and disadvantages for tutoring.
Are you interested in group tutoring or leading group review sessions? Yes, for these courses:

Course Information

Please list all courses you are qualified to tutor and the instructor you had for each.
(ex. MTH115 - Kasube)
By checking this box, I agree that I will attend at least two tutor training meetings each semester.